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Clash Of The Titans 2010

Clash of The Titans is going to release on 1st of April 2010 which is also April’s fool. I’ve watched all of the trailer and I am definitely going to watch this show. First it was Percy Jackson, and now another Greek’s mythology movie. Great!! Here are some of the trailers where will caught your breath. If it’s not, then your life must be dull, hahahah joking nia!! Enjoy


Ricky Martin Is Gay

Ricky Martin just announced that he’s coming out of the closest, which mean he is gay. He is joining many other celebrities such as Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken, Chad Allen, Sean Hayes, Stephen Gately (died), Lance Bass, Alan Cumming, Niel Patrick Harris, Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres and lots more.


After years of keeping quiet about his personal life, pop star Ricky Martin has announced that he is gay.
“I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man,” Ricky said in a message posted on his offical Web site. “I am very blessed to be who I am.” 

Ricky said writing his memoir and thinking about his two twin sons led him to go public.

“To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment,” he wrote.
Read more at Yahoo!

I am so busybody to go blog this. I don’t have much comment on this, just that by doing so, this will help increase my blog traffics. Hahaha. Just wish you good luck and good luck again for the coming out. For sure people now likes William Hung more than him. Kidding only!!
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Yesterday I got a mail from a friend who stayed in Canada. She asked why in most of my post got those words add at the end of sentences, such as, mah, lah, leh, de, , wah, lo, wei, hmmm, geh; all those words.

Well, my dear friend, this is Malaysian ways of language where these words are to makes those sentences more supported and stronger impacts.

Let me explain one by one by giving examples to each of the unnecessarily words.

Mah – meaning yes
Example – I do already mah, why still scold me?

Lah – hurrying
Example – Faster lah! Else I will poop in my underwear!!

Leh -not liking
Example: Faster le, you want me bang you with my car?

De – confirmed
Example: I bought those de, why?

Wah – happy or shock
Example: Wah!! I look slimmer in this pumpkin suit (happy)
Example: Wah!! He grab his crotch in front of us (shock)

Lo – is like that, why you don’t understand
Example: I already tell you is like dat lo, you don’t want listen, why so stupid

Wei – mean beware or calling someone you don’t know
Example: Wei!! there got sex maniac!! (beware)
Example: Wei!! You din’t zip up (calling someone)

Hmmm – thinking
Example: Hmmm, I think cup A is my size

Geh – advising
Example: This underwear not good geh, it not absorbing sweat

All these are some daily used words. At first only Chinese people used this but now all majority people in Malaysia also used these words. So please forgives me if I used these words in my blog. Is really unnecessarily though but it made sentences more pathetic, impact and sometimes funny.

Dogs are man’s best friend. But dogs are even more as slaves to human. Many of us keep dogs, some are for companion, some are for hobby, some just likes dogs, but some simply wants them to take care of their houses, buildings or premises. And this happens to many families in Malaysia.

Dogs do have sensitive senses that are very similar to human in many ways. Dogs do sad, dogs do need cares, dogs do need attentions, dogs do needs shelter, and dogs do need loves. Many people in here does not knows this and they simply keep one or more dogs for their “guard house” purpose. You will notice it if you comes to Malaysia. Anywhere, anytime and anyplace you can spot strayed dogs or cats. Beside that, everyday I am sure you will spot many of their death bodies on roads as they being hit & run and even worst, they runs over by vehicles.

Animals life in here are not as precious as compares in Western countries. When you watch Animal’s Planet (tv show) you can occasionally sees how their firemen or veterinarians made such enormous efforts even to save a bird. Here, animals has no values. You simply googled on animals in Malaysia, you will know what I mean. Animals trafficking, tradings, brutality, abandoned, and strayed animals.

Yesterday, I saw this cruel and mean business people near my neighborhood do this to these dogs.

These dogs have no shelters, the water provided is full of mud and dust, and worst the place is next to the major road. Simple common sense knew that the dogs for sure are stress, restless and even worst, suffering.

How can this people being so cruel and cold-blooded. They rare these dogs for guarding their shops a night, yet in the day time, they throw them aside near the roadside.

FYI, dogs here don’t enjoy what we call pet’s life. pet enjoy owner’s loves, care and times. But it’s not. Majority I mean, else some who loves their dogs will spam me. You think they given food like Pedigree? No lor, they only consumes leftover by their owner, such as chickens, fish or whatever bones (people tend that any type of bones suitable for feeding), unfinished rices, soup and vege sauce. You think they get bath once a week? No lor, one month once or even worst, see their owner mood. You think here got those go jogging with their dogs? No lor, here the dogs 24 hours tied with the metal-chain. The barks and returned with canes or beats. Is such a hell’s for dog’s life over here.

I am so eager to help these dogs but I am not sure where to seek help from or which organizations to help. So anyone who reading this blog, please share this to everyone or to anyone who knows how to help this pity souls.

Chua Soi Lek Won

After months of accusations, rebellious, arguments, finger-pointing, overthrown, and tears shed, finally in the MCA polls, Chua Soi Lek is the new Preseident for MCA. Pity that “Tun” and and Ex-president. The Tun still ok la, got number two, but the ex-president, the votes he gets low till, well is embarrassing. I seriously think Ah Lek will won de. You can always see how famous he is on any search engines. Yet in the MCA, all those who voted for him, you should know how Malaysians take and forget very fast. Not much comment, else I will be caught under seditious for bringing disharmony to others. If you don;t understand what I mean, go googled the winner’s name.

(Liow and Chua)

Read more
Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is the new MCA president. The former party deputy president polled 901 votes. His nearest challenger was Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, who received 833 votes while incumbent party president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat garnered 578 votes. 

In the straight fight for the deputy presidency, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai won over Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha. Liow received 1,171 votes to Kong’s 1,106 votes. 

The four new vice-presidents are Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen (1,528 votes), Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai (1,469), Datuk Chor Chee Heung (1,202) and Gan Ping Sieu (1,202). 

Central Committee Members
1. Lee Chee Leong – 1,430
2. Hou Kok Chung – 1,312
3. Heng Seai Kie – 1,267
4. Wee Jeck Seng – 1,175
5. Toh Chin Yaw – 1,142
6. Tee Siew Kiong – 1,141
7. Gan Tian Loo – 1,117
8. Tan Chai Ho – 1,114
9. Ong Ka Chuan – 1,104
10. Lee Wei Kiat – 1,100
11. Loh Seng Kok – 1,086
12. Hoh Khai Mun – 1,077
13. Liew Yuen Keong – 1,059
14. Tan Cheng Liang – 1,054
15. Koh Nai Kwong – 1,040
16. Por Choo Chor – 1,037
17. Tan Ken Ten – 999
18. Kong Sing Chu – 981
19. Chong Itt Chew – 975
20. Yoo Wei How – 974
21. Tan Ah Eng – 969
22. Wong Koon Mun – 953
23. Ti Lian Ker – 929
24. Teh Kim Poo – 864
25. Chuah Poh Khiang – 851

 – theStar-
Anyway, congratulations to those who make it. To those who lose liao, balik rumah cermin diri lor. Disagree already disagree, unhappy already unhappy, want polls, already got polls, now, start works for the People.


Is almost half year already since I joined this company (enclosed), the one that gives me the most deep impression is Isaac. I had heard many funny things about him before and after I joined through my sister and some colleagues. Yeah my sister working in the same place where I am. Many of those funny stories are heard from, but me personally experienced some of his jokes and funny acts too.

(This is him)

Known him through his betting with my sister who dares him to say “hi’ to me. As I thought why on earth this guy so friendly enough and even bother to said “Hi” to me. (he bets on RM10 with my sis). Funny funny. He is a friendly, nice but not humble, happy and talkative, high in self-confidence which many cannot stands, some of his juniors are afraid of him (which I dunno why), self-praised and most of all, hilarious.

Here are some of his lame and crazy things he did. Well, during one of my conversation with him through phone, I asked him something while he keep denying it. So I said “Don’t ga-ga laaa..” (in chinese, “ga-ga” means don’t bluff), then he reply “I am not lady”. and I was wondering what he meant. Then I asked what you mean you not lady and he said, he is not Lady Ga Ga. Lame not? Hahahaha

Our working place has four craziest lifts that I ever seen. When you idle in the dumb lift for more than 20 seconds, the buzzer will trigger off. Then if you don’t close the lift’s door, it will hanged and the buzzer “rang” again. So got one time, me, my sis and him was in the same lift. This dumb lift is not moving as the door keeps open after we close it (I mean we press close button). So this Isaac goes jumps at the lift. Me and my sister’s eyes widen up and asked him why did he do that for? He said so the lift will start moving. = =’

And the most funniest thing was he changed the water filter container. I am so not going to tell it here cause I scare he will personally comes and kill me. But that was the funniest story I heard that make me remember him. Anyway, yesterday was his last day in the company after endured almost 4 years here. Even some ladies going to miss him much. You know what, pssst, I heard some aunties said: 

Lady 1: Hey heard that lengzhai Isaac leaving today leeehh.
Lady 2: Yameh, really ah, why ah?
Lady 1: Yala, he leaving today, tseez tseez tseez, another lengzhai leaving. But hor he really look like Moses Chan (Moses Chan is an Hong Kong actor)
Lady 2: Moses Chan? Where got, he where got so handsome
Lady 1: ….is like not happy cause his handsome is leaving today…so the conversation stop there…

I was like stunned there….cause Isaac’s look mix with Moses Chan’s, the Lady 1 feelings, what Lady 2 said all rojak in my head, I smirks till my face is turned red because I can feel the warmness on my face. This is the music that played on my head. Pity Lady 1 (Someone secretly cried for you)

So if you asked me will me and my sis misses him? Definitely abit lor. He is my first friend in this company and my sis always talk bout him. The best thing to give him on his departure was wishes. Hey I don’t mean it to be sounded like funeral’s speech ok?

Here, we sincerely hope him have a pleasant environment and smooth career advancement on his new job. Good luck, Uncle Isaac !!

arth Hour 2010 has arrived. Not today but is on this Saturday, 27 March 2010, 8.30pm till 9.30pm (Malaysia Time).

Millions of people around the globe are expected to turn off their lights on this Saturday. This is the my 2nd time “celebrating” this event. Earth Hour is called and supported worldwide as a way to create awareness on energy conservation.

The most famous place to conserve this event will be in KLCC. Last years, many goes there to see the tallest twin towers in the country switch off their towers lights an hour. In Earth Hour last year, me and my family supported Earth Hour too by turning off whatever lights existed in our home. But we eventually went out to nearby mall. Wahahaha. (Cause no lights got many mosquitoes, my parent paranoid bout it).

Earth Hour is designed to encourage energy conservation and call for worldwide to aware of our climate change. Even though is only the short one hour time compare too 8760 hours in a year, it really make a different. Let’s let the mother Earth cool off for an hour. Pity her having billions of germs (humans) sickening her everyday. So this Saturday, please do something, turns off the lights. If you saw anyone didn’t switch off their lights, slap them if you dares la…
Visit this site for more info bout Earth Hour in Malaysia. EHM

Many had said that this is the best restaurant in Bidor. Well known for his duck’s noodle, wantan’s (dumplings) noodle, and their varieties types of homemade biscuits. Some said they are the best, some said, if you go Perak but din’t eats there, it’s such a waste, some even said that, being local never tries this is such a shame. Well, this really make some excitement out of us when we’re on our back to KL from Penang. We should have listened to our instinct because even before we step foots into that shop, we caught by some misfortune encounters and have bad feeling on this.

(Don’t know why they so famous)

First we can’t find parking, after dozen of turning around the place, we manage to squeeze our car in an illegal lane. Who’s care, is weekend anyway. Then while we walk into their shop, we’re like wet all over as the place is so hot, crowded, squeezed and dirty. Those who just came, will stares pitifully to those who’re eating, so giving them pressures and make them faster up and leave. After about 20 minutes, we only manage to get our little table to seat (cause we keep starring at this couple who sat there for drinking their bottomless chinese tea). And here come the super cocky old hag bitch I even seen. (We should have left since)

The first hag who take order

She comes with a vicious smile (cause she knows that we are so stupid being lures here)

We: 3 duck’s noodle please (we regret we said, pleasee)
We: 3 herbal teas please (again we said in a very polite way)
Hag: …….she left without saying a word

After 34 minutes

We ask the hag,

We: Aunty, where is our noodles, why haven’t come geh?
Hag: Who asked you to order noodle. Noodle is like dat, needed to wait very long, cause very famous. You see, many people also haven’t eat. You want wait, you wait, else I have no time entertain you all as I am busy.
I am very busy you know, so many people. I have no time go check your order.
Hag: ….she left as though as she has given the best philosophy statement she ever came up with….those expression…. 

Niamah, we own you ah? KNN her, so damn cocky, I just wonder what is she busy with? She just walking around like “I am the queen of the world” look. Nevermind, we wait. Since we waited for an hour there. Not long after that, the damn lame duck’s noodles serves. Then another hag appears, “pap” she put the bowls down so hard till some soup spills out. “RM19.50” she said with such high pitch sound. Then we gave her RM20 and she throw the remains (coins) on our table. Walao, I tell you, this is the most heated, angry, and furious lunch we ever had.

The hag with the white hat, is the one who brings the noodles

Nevermind, since we paid so much for this ducky noodles, we ate. First of all, I want to cursed those who said the noodle here is the best. Are your tongues spoil or something? Even Maggi’s duck noodle taste better than them. Seriously!!. Their duck meat itself are dry and hard like dried meats, the noodles are soft like over cooked, the soup is like only herbal smell water added with gallons of water on it. WAH, there gone my RM6.50 and my 1 hour.

Please, don’t go there, if anyone told you those fairies tales of their, don’t believe it. Is a lie. After that, when I back home, I google on them, I regret I didn’t search for their restaurant and read the comments from others. Indeed, many have complaint about them, especially on those old hags.This restaurant is over promoted and those who said their foods are nice, they maybe eaten their spells. Even the local (Bidor people) don’t eats there. The price is expensive, the food is bad, the service is bad and most of all, is dirty. 

Through my further googled on the webs, blogs, and sites, I manage to found out there is another shop selling duck’s noodle too. Many people praises them. You may visit them over there. Many compliments given to them, Restaurant Yik Chan, in front of Bidor Supermarket next to the Bas terminal. It’s said that they are cheaper, friendlier and alot more delicious than Pun Chun. 

I am so going to see when Pun Chun will learn their lesson for being rude, cocky and arrogant. Without customers, will you be here till today? I pity on the one who made this shop so famous then but now are ruined by this younger generation which ego, arrogant and pride has blinded them. Sure enough, people who get famous won’t last long, you’ll die one day too. 
Please visit Boycott This Place

Title: Call Me Paris
Author: Jamie Khoo
Publisher: Kechara Media and Publications
ISBN: 9789675365195

Back Cover text
 Life was good for Jamie, martinis, shopping, a career in fashion journalism and plenty of cash bought instant hapiness. So it was a bit of a shock for her to find herself sitting in front of gorgeous 38-year-old Guru and talking to him about how she could combines her aspirations to become Paris Hilton with a wish to become the nexr female Buddha.

Follow her journey as she steps into this incredible world of spiritual practice; from Kuala Lumpur to India to Paris, from Tsem Rinpoche’s dining room table to the freezing hills of Kathmandu, from her daily troubles to the wide opens spaces of Enlightment.

Jamie tells her story with great honesty and much humour, showing us that spirituality doesn’t have to start in the cloistered confines of a nunnery. It begins right where you are, in whatever you’re doing or aspiring to be.

About the Author
Jamie has been writing as far back as she can remember; before that, she talked, to make up for not being able to write. From the few creative writing contests she won at primary school, she went on to obtain a Masters in English Literature in York, United Kingdom before returning to Malaysia to work in the media.

There, she joined one of Malaysia s largest English newspapers, The Star, and contributed on a freelance basis to other prestigious publications such as Hello! Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Malaysia and Life was good and the world was at her feet. Life doesn’t get much more glamorous than being able to shop for a living (and then write about it), interview top politicians and review the latest trends in the city … and get paid for all of it. But there had to be more to life than just articles, interviews and photo shoots. A girl gets restless and soon begins to aspire for much more than this.

Jamie met H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and the Kechara Buddhist organization in 2005, a year gave her a whole new spin on things and showed her a unique way of living that combines martinis with mantras, spirituality with style and Buddha with boyfriends. She is now one of the Senior Editors of the dynamic young publisher, Kechara Media & Publications and Liaison (personal assistant) to Rinpoche. Call Me Paris is her first book. ——————————————————————————————————– 
Visit her blog at The Dharma Princess Diaries

This morning, I found out that my wife being raped and even have stains on it. This is the fourth times she had endured such pains. I am so going to cursed this bugger who so senang go threw cigarette’s buds on my car. KNN, I dunno this bugger is a he/she but I assume this bugger is a he. Not only my car kena, by my housemates kena too. %^&* this motherf**ker.I just don’t understand why they need to throw on people’s car. Niamah, what wrong with you? Mentally retarded or your cock itchy? Go play far far lah.

(See the dark spot, it will be forever there)

I seriously think that people who smoke really not cool, not cool at all. You think you guys look very impressive with those sticks on your mouth? You are just like those beggars trying to acts cool in front of passerby. You see, you give beggars money, they don’t want buy foods, starved themselves but go f**cking buy cigarettes, then smokes at the streets trying to impress people. So I die die won’t give them money even they stab them self in front of me. And you smokers look exactly like them.

Sorry to smokers friends of mine. I don’t mean to rude or cursing you all, but try put off this smoking habits as it only deteriorate your health and moreover its wasting your money. Smoking not only killing you, but defecting your precious too. Your KKB la. In term of defecting your sperms load, makes your balls sagging and even can shrinks your KKB. (I assumed)

Smokers habits and attitudes are so annoying. Tiu, you’ll making this country even more like third world’s country. When drives, you smoke, when pee, you smoke, when have sex, you smoke, whatever you’re doing and with your mouth is free, you put that damn thing in your mouth. You smoke nevermind, but you throws the buds everywhere, you think is cool? NOOOOO….

 (Wanted to take rifle and shoot them)

Everywhere in Malaysia is full of cigarette’s buds. Even in Genting’s First World Hotel carpets got cigarette’s burned stains. And that Genting place suppose to be a families holiday destination, but when you step your feet into that Times Square, it’s like a gateway to hell. For those who don’t smoke, they will die soon after going there. Wonder what the Genting’s management doing. Who suffers, those pity children and senior citizens lor, they don’t knows that secondhand smokers dies faster, and yeah baby, you are killing them (your families member who don’t smokes) softly with your precious sticks. Do more la.

Not forgetting those who manufactures cigarettes. You made so much money from these retarded smokers, but the wealth you accumulated is a sin income. See how long your wealth can last. And also to the one who actually invented cigarette, may you enjoy the everlasting eternity hell’s life forever.

Last wishes to that bugger, I wish you faster get your mouth and liver cancer. Else, you should go jump off cliff to your death as you are so ill-minded and the world don’t need rubbish like you. The Above should strikes this “yan zha” with thunder or lightnings. Go play far far la. People didn’t disturb you, you disturb people for what, as though as they like people cursed them. I know I am not supposes to curse people, but this is too insane and fanatic, you know, when your car get scratches or stains, then you need to spray paints all over again. Sigh, I am worried sick bout my coming new wife.