The Buddha always travels around to spread the dharma. Once, he stopped for several weeks in a village near Sravasti. There are large number of blind people lived in this village. One morning, the blinds folks in the village gathered to talk among themselves. One of them said, “Since we’re working in the jungle, did you’ll constantly get bitten by mosquitoes?”  The other men continued, “Yes, we really suffer. I suggest that we should use our knives and arrow to kill off those mosquitoes. We can listen to the mosquitoes buzz and then we swing our knives and shoot our arrow in that direction.” They all agreed to that brilliant suggestion and the get ready to the jungle to kills all the mosquitoes. After the trip, they’ll came back badly injured, and many even died along the road back to the village.

These blind men were stumbling back to village as the Buddha and his fellow monks were alms around the village for foods.