Caught one very nice song from OneFM this morning when I am on my way to office. At first, I seriously thought that the singer was a female, I mean he really sound like Rihanna. After the song being played, I only managed to heard the dj said Justin something something, and the word, Baby. When I reached office, turn on my PC and the first thing I did was Googled “Justin Baby” to get the full title and the singer name and  I YouTube it, oh…. “she” is a he.

The song is really nice. Love the music and the rhythm…..searching for more on Justin Bieber’s then this very cute video came up on the recommendation bar. I think I should share this with you’ll. You might have watched them already but still, just watch them…..

A 3-years-old cried over Justin Bieber

This is the full video of Justin Bieber, Baby

Who is Justin Bieber?
Read it HERE