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Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s second child was born last night. The baby weighs 7 pounds and 7 ounces, which heavier than his older brother, Lucas. At approximately 10:25 pm, Patrick Tse and Deborah Lai, (Nicholas’s parent) brought Lucas down to meet with the media.  Both Patrick and Deborah fought to announce the good news to the media.

(Nicholas and Lucas)

The grandparents reveals that Nicholas personally cut the umbilical cord, but denied that the elders chose the date to give birth. Deborah said: “The Baby chose himself.” About Cecilia’s current condition, Patrick said: “She’s doing well, nothing wrong.” Last night Nicholas has not revealed the baby’s picture, asked if they will share a photo? Deborah expressed that happy events, later definitely will share it. Asked about the baby’s name? They said: “Not yet. Nicholas has to see which name he has a feelings for, look at who he resembles. But for the English name, there are some ideas. ” Patrick also reveals that Lucas said that he likes his younger brother.

(Patrick Tse and Deborah Lai)

Jennifer Tse was asked what gift she’s planning to give to her brother and sister-in-law? She said: “Last time for Lucas, I got him a pair of little shoes, it was quite expensive. This time I might just give them diapers!”
Source: AsianUniverse

Title: The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Puffin Book
ISBN: 9780141384955

Back Cover text

Since their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, her brother has traveled the world with their father, the brilliant Egyptologist, Dr. Julius Kane.

One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a “research experiment” at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.

Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them, Set, has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a dangerous journey across the globe – a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

This is the new chronicle series from Rick Riordan, the author for Percy Jackson’s series. The book was released in 4th May 2010. I got myself a copy yesterday. In spite of its size and around 41 chapters long, I think anyone who enjoyed Percy Jackson’s will find themselves loving this book as well. Same style of writing where in this series, instead of having one narrator (in Percy’s series) but now,  he allows Sadie and Carter to alternate in every few chapters. Their voices are very different and how they see things is very interesting and different. It also keeps up a lot of the humor.

Rick’s again pulling ancient mythology into the modern world. Previously was Greek’s but now is Eygpt. He really makes his story believable. Where that’s why I likes Rick’s works.

And for your info, Disney has agreed on the second series of Camp-Half-Blood adventure called The Heroes of Olympus. The first book, The Lost Hero will publish in 12th Oct 2010. Read more from the author’s blog
Read the first chapter here
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Do You Remember Them?

The top 10 cartoons that we will never forget them…..

1. Sarada Ju Yushi Tomatoman

2. Thundercats

Title: Beatrice and Virgil
Author: Yann Martel
Publisher: Random Hose Publishing
ISBN: 9781400069262

Back cover text
Fate takes many forms. . . .

When Henry receives a letter from an elderly taxidermist, it poses a puzzle that he cannot resist. As he is pulled further into the world of this strange and calculating man, Henry becomes increasingly involved with the lives of a donkey and a howler monkey named Beatrice and Virgil and the epic journey they undertake together.

With all the spirit and originality that made Life of Pi so beloved, this brilliant new novel takes the reader on a haunting odyssey. On the way Martel asks profound questions about life and art, truth and deception, responsibility and complicity.

As someone who loved the Life of Pi, I was looking forward to this book. This is a new novel by Yann Martel, a Booker prize winning author in 2002. 

There are many critics about the book. Some said the book has no plots, and some even said that this is a mess. But to me, after reading the book, can’t denied that the first half of the book was bit confusing, bored and keep left me wondering because I was not able to understand and keep relating the book with Life of Pi. But toward the part at the end of the book, it become thoughtful and after reading it more carefully, I can really felt that how Yann Martel’s touch one’s soul through this book.

Be aware towards the end of the book as it incorporates a violent story told to Henry. Then this lead to another very violent action by another character. The ending is surprising but not in a good way I may said. It’s sufficient to read the book in bookstore. Better don’t get it. Still Life of Pi are lot more better than this book.
Read an excerpt from the book here

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One day, when the Buddha was teaching at the monastery, the King came before the Buddha to listen to the Dharma.

Once the Buddha Siddhartha finished teaching, the king asked, “Lord Buddha, can you the honored one kindly tell me which is the sharpest sword, which is the most deadliest poison, what forms unbreakable armor, and what is the best weapon?”

Then Buddha answered, “My dear King, you should know that harsh and unkind words form the sharpest sword; greed is the most deadliest poison; patience forms unbreakable armor and wisdom is the best weapon.

The King asked Buddha again, “In this world, who receives the most benefit, who suffers the greatest loss; which is the most furious fire, and which is the darkest of all nights?”

The Buddha answered, “Those who give receive the most benefit; those who are greedy, only look for gain and never intend to reciprocate, suffer the great loss; worldly worries forms the most furious fire and ignorance is the darkest night.”

The King asked, “In this world, who is the most cunning thief, what made the most precious treasure, what treasure can we rely the most and what is the greatest cause for attachment?”

The Buddha answered, “Unwholesome thoughts are the most cunning thieves; morality is the most precious treasure, being liberated from the cycle of birth and death is the treasure upon which we can rely the most and our mind is the greatest cause of attachment.”

The King continued, “What quality is the most attractive and disgusting, what is the most horrible pain, and what is the greatest enjoyment?”

The Buddha answered, “Goodness is most attractive and evil is most disgusting; regret is the most horrible pain and liberation from worldly materials and worries is the greatest enjoyment.”

The King asked, “What is the reason for death in this world, what can spoil a friendship, what is the most serious sickness, and who makes the best doctor?”

The Buddha answered, “Ignorance is the root of death; jealousy and selfishness spoil friendship; hatred is the most serious sickness; and the Buddha is the unsurpassed doctor.”

As the King was very happy the Buddha can answered all his questions and thought for a while and asked again, “The honored one, I have one more question to ask. “What cannot be destroyed by fire, floods, wind and weapons but still remains the source of all existence?”

The Buddha replied wit a smile, “The merit created from doing good deeds is the answered to all. It cannot be destroyed by anything even the deadliest fire, sharpest weapon, most cunning or wise men, yet the merit still remains the source of all that exists in the universe.”

After listen to the Buddha’s words of wisdom, the King was full of joy. Not only he become enlighten but he can now be a better King to take care of his country’s welfare. He paid homage  to the Buddha and departed.

Cows Wor??

The four of us went for dinner. One of my friend, Jen asked,

Jen: “Eh Lil, want ask hor, your baby boy one month take how many tins of susu?”

Lil: “My boy ah? Usually 2 tins. But depends la, sometimes I give him porridge instead of milk. Why ah?”

Jen: “My boy la, so good in drinking milks. Finish the last one liao. Sometimes 1 cup not enuf, then nag for more. So I need to put in extra scoop every-time so that he feel more full. The susu now very expensive, got DHA la, dunno what kind of acid la, so next time if my son do badly in schools, I will definitely sue the susu company”

We laugh….

Jen: “So later after dinner who want teman me go get the susu?”

Soo, Lil and me just nod.

Me: Teasing her….. “Hey Jen, since your boy so kuat minum susu, why not go find one ‘nai ma’ or ‘bela’ some cows?” (nai ma are those ladies who make living on selling their breast’s milk)

We all laughs

Jen: “You all are terribly super 38!!….how to bela cows in my place. Cars also no place to park. If I go bela cows, DBKL sure come saman me”

We all laugh out loud. 

Lil: “Ya lor, if Jen can bela cows, she save a lot le….you know why? She no longer need to go get instant susu liao. The cows are always reading for milking. Fresh and free from chemicals, hahahahah”

Soo: “Yalor, somemore Jen so lazy….the cows can eat all the grass, not need go lawn the garden and the little tiny patch in front of her porch”

Jen:”Good idea hor”...she already a bit not cool as we teasing her…but she just laugh sarcastically.but Soo din notice that and he keep on teasing her….

Soo: “Eh!! not forgetting the shit, you can take and put in for your flowers and plants. Somemore your husband likes to gardening, he will save a lot”

Hearing the cows dung we can’t help but laugh harder……

Soo: “Then when the cows no more susu already, you can go potong them for their meat”

Me and Lil looked at each other and signaling, oh noooo…we all knew that Jen don’t eats beef, same goes to me and Lil….

Soo: “So Jen, don’t forget if you can’t finish the them, remember share some for me, OK??…..I only want their kukkkkuuuuu (he laugh very hard)….So that I can make sup ekor..HAHAHAHAHAAH

Jen: She raise her voice a bit….”Oh I never know that Soo is so dumb…. you very stupid lor, how can I give you their kuku? Even my boy knows it why!!”

Me and Lil continue eating our noodles…cause we knew Jen is already heat up but we still sense nothing wrong from there…(oh yeah, even though we talk in Cantonese, but we still used the word cow in English)……then suddenly………

Ah Soo: “How come don have, you stingy and pervert lady, want keep their kuku for yourself issit?”

We all stunt there and stared straight at Soo…..then Jen…. 

Jen: She smack at the back of Soo’s head……”DUMBASS!!, cows where got ‘KUKU‘?”

(Who’s talking about me?)

Then only we realize that cows‘ only applies to females, it follows that cows do not have testicles or a penis.

We laugh so hard while Jen stares us with some kind of look that telling how one earth this bunch of degree-holders cannot even tell that.

Then after we finished our dinner, we walked Jen to the nearby supermarket to get the “cow’s milk“…

I think I going to die soon. Day by day I gets weaker and weaker. When the clock’s strike 10pm, my eyelids will start become very heavy. Since I know that I will awake in between, I purposely read something till my eyes gets heavy w

Long long time ago, there were two merchants getting ready for their business trips to sell their merchandise. Since they were friends, they always traveled together. In those days, in general people traveled with many carts along and the roads they took were not safe because of the unpredictable weather, bandits and demons. Hence it was always better to travel in a group rather than to travel alone.

But due to some festivals are approaching the demands of their merchandise arises. Each of them need to go with 500 carts. There was only one route to the city which they must pass through some narrow jungle routes, it would be too crowded to go at the same time. So they deciding who to go first. Even they were best friend, but when comes to business, who doesn’t want the profits and the best?

As each of them have their own way of prediction, one decided that it would be much better to go first as the road will not be rutted, the bullocks will get the best grass, his men will able to get the better fruits on their way and his men will appreciate his brilliant idea as the one who goes first will definitely gets all the benefits as he also can bargain for the best price for being the first on selling his merchandise.

But the other merchant think in another way round, he realized that there were advantages of going second as the his friend’s cart will level the roads, his bullocks will eats the old rough grass and new tender shoots will spring up for his and same goes to the fruits. He also will not waste his time on bargaining as he can asked around the prices that his friend offered and he will sell it at the same price or even lower.So he agreed to let his friend go first.

The merchant who went first had a troublesome time. The came to a wilderness called the Waterless Desert. Here was haunted by demons. When they reached the desert, the demon disguised himself and said to the merchant, “Why are you carrying these heavy loads of water? When you reach the oasis not far from here, there is a lake where you can have plenty of water to drink and even bath. Be kind to your bullocks for pulling unnecessarily loads”. The merchant is aware that what the local people had warned them about the demon but what’s in his mind now was only money and being confident he emptied all his water onto the ground and hurried his men so that they can reach the oasis faster.

As they continued they realized there were no oasis. At the end of the day, they were all tired out and even the bullocks drop to the ground due to the heat and dehydration. When they are too weak to defends they were done by left only bones lying scattered around.

After several weeks, the second merchant began his journey. He and his men were also warned by the local about the demon so he prepares all his men with weapons, water and food and advised them about the demon. When they reached the desert, the demon disguise himself again and do the same trick to the second merchant. Being precautions and aware that is better not to offend the demon, he order his men to empty the buckets of water to the ground. After the demon saw the merchant doing it, he walked away but the demon is not aware that the merchant is asked his men emptied a few buckets instead there are more buckets hidden below the carts.

The demon was so happy that he had tricked the group and he secretly await them in the jungle so he can feast on them. But to his surprise, when the merchant and his men reached the jungle, they all and even the bullocks looks very strong and doesn’t look exhausted at all. Knowing the merchant has tricked him back instead, he get enrage and got them in his true form which is big, ugly and frightening.

Since the second merchant had prepared his men with weapons and having so many people, they fought the demon bravely and won they battle. They were happy not because they killed the demon who bring harms to them, but they are happy they killed it for all merchants and people who lost their lives to this monster.

Soon the whole city knew about the monster being slain. Knowing the path is now safe from now and future, the people in the city all thanks the merchant. Not only his merchandise was sold out but he gets many gifts and praises as gratitude from the people. He and his men returned home safety after the trip having enjoys the fame and profits. Soon he learned that he had lose his friend from the villagers, he felt deeply sorry for him and his family.
The moral is: One must not always fooled by sweet talk and must always taken considerations on people advises before decision is made.

     A very long time ago, animals from the three different realms namely the land, the sky and the ocean, has their own leader or king. The land’s has named the majestic lion as their king. The ocean’s has named the gigantic whale as their king. And the sky’s has named the golden swan as their king.

     The golden swan king had a very beautiful golden daughter. When she was still young, the king granted her one wish. So she wished that when she was old enough, she could pick her own husband. The king was not happy on this but agreed after his beloved daughter persuaded the king.

     When his daughter get old enough, she is ready to get a husband. So the golden swan king sermon all the birds living in the vast forest to a gathering. This was to find a worthy husband for his golden daughter. Soon birds from all over the forest gather around the trees and garden near the huge and tallest Banyan tree where the King’s lived. There were swans, eagles, sparrows, parrots, owls and many other kinds of birds.

     Soon after the arrivals of all birds, the king greed his fellow birds and tells the reason and purpose of the gathering. After his royal’s speech, the king asked his lovely daughter to select whichever husband she wished.

     She looked over the garden for a rows of birds that standing in from of the Banyan trees as volunteered to be the husband of the King’s daughter. Her eye was attracted  by a shining emerald-green long necked peacock, with gorgeous flowing tail-feathers. As she whispers to her father and pointing to the peacock, “He is the one, he will be my husband”, said the daughter.

     The king was also pleased with her selection and announced the news to his fellow birds. After hearing that the peacock was the lucky one, all other birds cheers and congratulate the peacock. All was cheering and happy for him. The crowd was asking him to dance and shows his beautiful feathers. Immediately the peacock was filled with pride and began showing off his colorful feathers in a fantastic strutting dances, circle to show off and head held upward in pride. He was so conceited and forgot all modesty he accidentally showed out his most private parts.

     Seeing this, the king and the elders was not happy and amused by him. All the others birds was laughing and giggled and some was embarrassed by the incidents. But the peacock never realized and thoughts that his feathers has made amazed the crowds.

     The king get furious and said, “My daughter, as you can see, this peacock has no sense of modesty and he is too proud of himself, I am not going to bestow him to you.”. The king’s daughter also agreed on his father. So after the quick conversations, the King speaks to the crowds. “My fellow birds, this peacock has no inner shame to give him proper modesty nor does he have the outer fear to prevent indecent behaviour. So why should my daughter be shammed by such a mindless mate?”

     Standing in the midst of the tall and huge Banyan tree, the king said, “Sir peacock, your feathers is beautiful and your voice is sweet but you have danced here like one who has no proper shame and self dignity, therefore I announce that I will not permit my daughter to marry such an ignorant fool”

*This is just a fictional story, so don’t take it too real. We all know birds mates with same kind.


The moral of the story is: If you let your pride go ahead of your actions and mind, you’ll end up acting like a fool and losing everything you have.

I picked this as my first Jataka Tales entry because this is best reflecting our current society. Not to said that having pride is bad. You can have sense of pride in results from the satisfaction with meeting your personal goals set by yourself or being pleasant having results from positive self-evaluation but many has blinded by pride and forgotten what they had been made today. At such, their behavior, actions and words not only disgusted many but will also ruining many people lives and also them self.  Pride can be very destructive and bring harms to others because pride can lead to being proud and being overly proud, people will soon scratching their head what is being humble means.

If we were to have self-humbleness, we will not easily fall and control by pride because no matter how rich you’re, how pretty or handsome you’re, how intelligent you’re, how influential you’re, how skillful or powerful you’re, you will too die one day. We come with nothing and also go with nothing. Nothing is permanent. A humble person knows that we are all just a human.